50 Weeks San Diego: Week 2 - The Shores

Sounds of waves crashing on the beach shores always seems to captivate our souls. I don’t need any devices with me to be entertained by nature’s livestream. I can stop by on a whim after work, before work … during work, and take a nice casual walk along the shore, or sit and watch.

My go-to beach in San Diego is La Jolla Shores. Primarily because the “Shores” is the closest to me in proximity, but also the area has everything you need for a relaxing beach visit, whether for a short pick me up stop or an all-day friends and family affair. When the kids were little, it was the place to play since there’s a nice playground at Kellogg Park, adjacent to the beach. The large grass area is perfect for a pickup touch football game and keeping your picnic food out of the sand. You can find a spot where you can keep an eye on the kids while they swim in the ocean, while you catch up with the parents.

The Shores is the place for the watersport of your choice. Many kayak, snorkel and diving rental shops are located along Avenida de la Playa (the main drag), plus the beach is perfect for paddleboarding, boogie boarding, and of course, surfing. The beach has nice wide flat areas for skimboarding too. There’s also comfort in knowing there are plenty of lifeguards around. I’m sure my older son has fond memories of being stung by a stingray when he was a kid swimming in the beach, but the lifeguards were so nice to him. That’s when we all remembered you need to shuffle your feet at the beach! SoCal problems.

When having a beach day, all the activity will get you hungry. No matter what I pack in my picnic basket and cooler, we end up walking to one of the food places to grab a little something. There’s quite a bit to chose from in the small neighborhood - getting a slice of pizza at the window of House of Pizza, juicy, messy burgers at Jeff’s Burgers, or overflowing sandwiches from the Cheese Shop with their large assortment of classic candy bars.

What I love about the Shores, I don’t have to use the excuse of going to the beach to eat at one of their restaurants. We frequently drive over for meals. Breakfast is great at Brick and Bell, Shorehouse, and the Shores Restaurant, which has a great beach view (they have a nice Happy Hour too with the 7 for $7 menu). Walk along the beach and before you hit Scripps Pier, look up to your right and there’s Caroline’s - a nice place to sit and watch the surfers while enjoying a nice hot chocolate and egg scramble. Dinner we can choose from Osteria Romantica, Piatti’s, and Barbarella’s, a favorite since they have a special doggie menu and they love to decorate for special holidays -- Halloween is absolutely over the top!

Why do I love the Shores so much? The area provides you the experience of what I envision as the casual, SoCal lifestyle. Singles, couples, friends, families will all find a special place in their heart for the Shores. From the morning solitude, to the playful afternoon activities, to the gathering around bonfires and making s’mores. No matter how many times I’m there, I’m always taking pictures of the sun setting. The Shores provides for many types of memories. During a recent walk, we witnessed a church group’s baptism of a few children. The Shores is the perfect place for regeneration.

We are San Diego. Come visit our home.


For more info:

House of Pizza, 8107 Camino del Sol

Jeff’s Burgers, jeffsburgerslajolla.com

Cheese Shop, cheeseshoplajolla.com

Brick & Bell Cafe, 2216 Avenida de la Playa

Shorehouse Kitchen, shorehousekitchen.com

Shores Restaurant (at the Shores Hotel), theshoresrestaurant.com

Caroline’s Seaside Cafe, carolinesseasidecafe.com

Osteria Romantica, ostericaromantica.com

Piatti, piatti.com

Barbarella Restaurant & Bar, barbarellarestaurant.com

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17 Aug 2017