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Your Guide To Drinking Beer in San Diego


We sure we don’t have to twist your arms too much to get you to sample local beer San Diego beers. The area’s reputation as a craft beer capital with over 150 breweries, but here is a six-pack of our favorites.... Read full article

A Season Of Giving Back


San Diegans have warm hearts. Regular fundraising events, 5K benefi t runs, or a gofundme account to benefit both the local community and others in need throughout the country are planned in the area.... Read full article

La Jolla Shores


TravelHost celebrates 50 years of bringing EAT, SHOP, and PLAY information to travelers all over the United States. In honor of those 50 years, I decided to give our TravelHost San Diego readers my tips on spending $50 and less in area neighborhoods.... Read full article

50 Weeks San Diego: Week 1 - Our Friend from Manchester


Alex: “We met a guy from Manchester (England) who’s traveling the states and plans to visit San Diego. Is it okay if he stays with you two this weekend? Dad can take him out for a drink.”... Read full article

10 best beaches in San Diego

by Chris Cantore on

Are you looking for San Diego’s best beaches? We have you covered. We will highlight the best San Diego beaches for surfing, lounging, running, swimming or any other beach activity on the San Diego shores.... Read full article