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Wine Tasting

As the sun sets over the vine covered hills of the Cordiano Winery, we clink our glasses together at the end of our chauffeured wine tour. Very romantic, qui? Yes and no. Romantic in the way that conversation was centered around getting Emily married to Ann and Scott’s son – who have never met. You got it…after 18 glasses of wine tastings, we were all comfortably familiar with each other.
    Six hours earlier, we were picked up at our doorstep by our very knowledgeable tour guide Paris. Inside the van were three friends from the Dallas area – Jaclyn, Emily, and Bailey, and a lovely couple from Orlando, Ann and Scott. On the way to our first stop, Bernardo Winery, Paris tells us about the history of wine making in San Diego County, and as a winemaker himself, tells us his thoughts that the San Diego Wine Country will be the next preeminent wine making region. Cheers to that!
    Bernardo Winery was once part of the sprawling Rancho Bernardo, now mostly a quiet retirement community. They have done a wonderful job of making it a complete destination for guests with dining options, various shops, an art gallery, a museum, a farmer’s market, live entertainment, and more. Sitting at our private trellis-lined table, we gathered around to share a cheese, meat and fruit platter while we shared our own personal stories.
    After a lovely drive through the back hills of San Diego, our next stop was the Orfila Winery. There was a lively crowd there, being entertained by a guitarist with the dormant vineyard in the background. Paris has walked us through the grounds, pointing out what to look for in proper grape vines and fields. The setting was relaxing and we leisurely spent time sitting and sipping…then hurrying up to get our final tastes before heading off to Cordiano Winery, our last stop.
    With their heart-shaped logo, Cordiano Winery’s hilltop location screams out romance. Our table overlooked the serene valley below, while we indulged in salad, bread knots, and delicious fresh from the oven pizzas. Greeted by owner Rosa Cordiano, we then gathered around the table and talked about our lives, our travels, and trying to match up Emily with Ann and Scott’s son. We also shared our favorite places to go in San Diego.
    Let’s not forget about the wines itself. We appreciated the variety of tastes, and we all had our opinions on what we liked, and not always in agreement. The tastings are an excellent way to decide what to add to your personal wine collection, whether you have two or two hundred bottles. And Paris’ insights were very valuable.
    Three wineries, six hours, 18 tastings…what happens during a wine tasting tour…results in a possible wedding…married before the first sight. Let’s toast to love, with each other and with newfound friends! chauffeured, train, and walking tours, and special events.

Beyond the Tour:

A Taste of Napa Valley
    Northern California meets south at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa’s exclusive pairing dinner featuring Napa Valley winery Trinitas during the By The Barrel series. The onsite Trinitas Cellars Wine Bar is open daily.

Pair it with Painting
    Orfila Winery host Painting Parties that overlook the vineyards. The next party is on Sunday, February 18. Price is $30, which includes painting supplies. Tap into your creative side while sipping wine. RSVP: 760.738.6500, ext. 22.

Sail Away
    Seaforth Boat Rentals offers a Wine and Sailing Tour which sails under the Coronado Bridge and into the heart of downtown. Guest go tasting at the San Pasqual Winery Tasting Room and the ENO Wine and Pizzeria bar at the Hotel Del.

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02 Mar 2018